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Reactionary Counter

A reactionary counter refers to a type of defensive move or action that a player can use in response to an opponent's attack or action. A reactionary counter typically involves quickly reacting to the opponent's move by performing a specific input or action, which then triggers a counterattack or defensive maneuver. This can be a useful strategy in games where timing and precision are important, such as fighting games or action-adventure games. For example, in the game "Street Fighter," a player might use a reactionary counter by waiting for their opponent to attack, and then quickly inputting a special move that allows them to counterattack and gain an advantage. In the game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," a player might use a reactionary counter by performing a perfect dodge, which triggers a temporary slow-motion effect and allows them to attack the enemy while they are vulnerable.

Reactionary Counter


In game design, a reactionary counter refers to a game mechanic or system that allows players to respond to in-game actions or events initiated by opponents. It involves providing players with tools, abilities, or strategies that enable them to counter or mitigate the effects of an opponent's actions, fostering a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience.

An example of a reactionary counter can be found in the context of a multiplayer first-person shooter. Suppose a player deploys a powerful offensive ability, such as an area-of-effect attack that damages all nearby enemies. In response, the game may offer a reactionary counter in the form of a defensive ability or item that provides temporary immunity or reduces incoming damage for a short duration. Players who anticipate or react quickly to the opponent's offensive move can employ this countermeasure to protect themselves and turn the tide of the encounter.

Taking this example further, let's consider a game where characters have distinct classes or roles. A healer class might possess a reactionary counter ability to deploy an area-of-effect healing effect, neutralizing the damage caused by the opponent's offensive ability. This introduces a strategic layer to the gameplay, encouraging players to consider not only their offensive actions but also the potential counters available to their opponents.

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