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Game: Tap Titans 2


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This diagram represents a simplified simulation of a stage-based combat and progression system, commonly found in tap or incremental games. At its core, it conceptualizes the cycle where a player battles enemies, earns coins, and upgrades abilities to progress through levels. The heart of the simulation lies within pools representing "Current Level", "Enemy HP", "Player Coin Balance", and "Tap Damage". A source node generates coins, symbolizing the reward for defeating enemies. These coins can then be used (via a converter) to enhance the player's tap damage, which in turn affects the enemy HP pool through a drain node. The drain node simulates the player attacking an enemy, with the damage dealt determined by a randomized resource connection simulating the variable nature of player input or tap strength.

The addition of an "On-Off Switch", using gates, introduces a level of complexity, representing a mechanism by which enemy spawns are managed and tied directly to the player's progression through levels. This is augmented by a register and state connections, employing formulas to calculate enemy HP based on the current level, essentially escalating the game's difficulty as the player progresses. Moreover, "Total Levels" acts as a grand counter for progression, with a decrement mechanism simulating the completion of levels. The diagram also includes an end condition that halts the simulation under specific criteria, embodying the concept of 'prestiging' or resetting the progression in response to reaching the end of the available content or to avoid infinite loops within the simulation environment.


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