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Binary 4 bit simplified ALU


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This diagram represents a binary addition system that allows users to input binary values and observe the sum as an output. Users interact with the system by first starting the simulation, pausing it, then clicking on specific source nodes to enter binary values (1 for a clicked source and 0 for an unclicked source), before resuming the simulation to see the result displayed in designated pool nodes. The system incorporates a mix of sources, pools, drains, converters, and state connections to simulate the process of binary addition, featuring mechanisms to handle carry-over in binary arithmetic. Automatic and manual triggers are used to simulate the addition process, with the final sum being displayed in a specific format observable by the user. The inclusion of text nodes provides instructions and warnings about potential errors when same bits are set to 1, ensuring users understand how to operate the simulation effectively and are aware of its limitations.


binaryfull adder
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