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Tax / Commission Fee

Players use an asset (e.g. item) owned by another player. Any time that asset is used to earn, a percentage of the earnings are sent to the owner.

Tax / Commission Fee

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In game design, a tax or commission fee refers to a mechanic in which players utilize assets owned by other players, and a percentage of the earnings generated from the use of these assets is automatically sent back to the original owner. This design element is particularly prevalent in multiplayer or collaborative gaming environments, adding a layer of economic interdependence and resource management to the gameplay.

This mechanic introduces a dynamic economic ecosystem within the game, fostering player collaboration and specialization. Crafters can focus on creating high-quality items, knowing that their creations will continue to yield returns even after being sold. Conversely, adventurers benefit from utilizing specialized equipment crafted by others, with the tax providing a sense of realism and fairness for the original creators.

The tax or commission fee mechanic encourages a symbiotic relationship among players, emphasizing the interconnectivity of the in-game economy. It also adds strategic considerations for players engaging in economic activities, as they must factor in potential fees when deciding which items to use or sell.

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