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Individuals buy or hoard a good with the sole purpose of selling it later, expecting that it will grow in value and earn them a profit.


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In game design, speculation takes on a distinct form, referring to a design approach where players engage in holding onto items within the game solely with the expectation of selling them when their value increases. This introduces an element of economic foresight, where players must assess and predict the future worth or utility of in-game items.

Speculation in this context is intricately tied to economic decision-making, creating an environment where players make calculated guesses about the future value of items based on available information or observed patterns within the game's virtual marketplace. This design approach contributes to the complexity of gameplay by fostering an economy-driven metagame. In online multiplayer games or virtual worlds, players may engage in speculation by holding onto digital assets, anticipating market trends, and strategically timing their sales to maximize profits.

This design principle adds a layer of economic strategy, unpredictability, and player-driven market dynamics, creating a dynamic and evolving experience. It encourages players to think economically, adapt to changing market circumstances, and take calculated risks, contributing to the overall depth and replayability of the game.

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