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Necessity Good

A good/item which people can't do without a certain amount of. If its cost goes up, they will typically still buy it. If their income goes up, they won't necessarily buy much more of it.

Good Types and Elasticity

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A necessity good refers to an in-game item or resource that players perceive as essential for progression or success within the game. Much like its economic counterpart, a necessity good in gaming is characterized by players being unwilling to forgo a certain amount of it, even if its cost increases. Additionally, an increase in a player's in-game wealth or resources may not necessarily lead to a proportional increase in the consumption or acquisition of this item.

For example, consider a role-playing game where health potions serve as a necessity good. In this context, players rely on health potions to replenish their character's health during battles and critical moments. Regardless of the in-game economy or the player's accumulated wealth, health potions remain a staple for survival and progression. If the cost of health potions increases within the game world, players are likely to prioritize their purchase due to the crucial role these potions play in sustaining the character's well-being.

The concept of necessity goods in game design is strategic, influencing player decision-making and resource allocation. Game developers can use this principle to create a sense of scarcity, challenge, and strategic planning.

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