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Normal Good

A good/item which people want more of as they earn more, or as its cost goes down.

Good Types and Elasticity

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In game design, a "Normal Good" refers to a virtual item or in-game asset that players desire more of as they accumulate greater in-game wealth or as the cost of the item decreases. This concept is rooted in the economic principle of normal goods, where consumer demand for a particular product increases with rising income or when the item becomes more affordable.

For example, in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, consider a premium cosmetic item such as an exclusive costume or a rare mount. As players progress in the game and accumulate more in-game currency or resources, their demand for these cosmetic items may increase. This is because, with higher wealth or a reduced cost due to in-game events or sales, the perceived value of the cosmetic items becomes more accessible.

To implement the Normal Good concept effectively, game designers might introduce a variety of these desirable items at different price points or levels of rarity. Initially, when players have limited resources, they may prioritize basic or common cosmetic items. However, as their in-game wealth grows or special promotions make exclusive items more affordable, players are incentivized to acquire these higher-tier items.

The introduction of Normal Goods in game design can influence player behavior, creating a dynamic in-game economy where desirable items evolve in appeal based on players' financial capacity and changing market conditions. It adds a layer of strategic decision-making for players as they navigate between accumulating wealth and investing in coveted virtual possessions, contributing to the overall depth and engagement within the game.

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