Player Skill

    Player Skill

    In some cases, the outcome of the systems you design will depend on player skill. Here are two examples of how to emulate that.

    In the model above, Player skill Register is used to influence the chances of Successful vs Missed shots. Without the Register being triggered, the player has a 0% chance to make a successful shot, and a 100% chance to miss.

    The Register randomly generates a number (skill level) between 1 and 100, which will add that as the chance to make a successful shot, while subtracting the same chance from the 100% odds of a player missing the shot.

    To the Level Progression model that exemplifies Interactive and Passive Registers, we’ve added another Register that generates Player Skill.

    This adds +1*[a random player skill value between 1 and 10] to the randomly generated (D5) number of Enemies killed.


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