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Economy Health Monitoring Service
Predict the health of your game economy & tokenomics design pre-launch. Continuously re-forecast your game's long-term economic health post-launch and through live ops.

A scientific workflow tied into your game design process


Validate the flow of your core loop and iterate ideas efficiently before writing a single line of code.


Make well-informed design decisions by understanding how one change may affect the overall outcome of your game before soft-launch.


Calibrate your assumptions by cross-referencing player data with your model and simulating changes against hundreds of real players.

Live Ops

Safeguard your existing player base and ensure new updates maintain game balance for all players.

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Humans need bonding. Tokens need Bonding Curves. Curious? The video below is a quick glimpse into some of the programable potential of tokens Thanks @machinationsio @flufworld @block_science @tecmns @tokenomicsdao @tokengineering

Systems design is getting much more straightforward with tools like this Is anyone simulating their @tokens or @markets with @machinations? Or are you still using sheets? @AMM @crypto @systemdesign @eth

1/n 最近发现一个细分领域,代币工程,相当于原本仍停留在经济学建模分析层面的tokenomics,现在要以工程的逻辑去做测试。弄个thread介绍一下一个好玩的工具 @machinationsio 当然,这个还是偏建模,有点像是把游戏背后的代码逻辑做最简可视化的感觉

Cabin VC just published Machinations: The aesthetics of token engineering created by simulation tools. @Tokenomics @tokenengineering @machinationsio

Only just noticed that @machinationsio shipped custom variables! Be still my (literally-thrumming-with-excitement) heart...!

@machinationsio @ReadyPlayerRich This is dope! Machinations out here providing whats needed in this space

15/ This is our guiding theory on token design. We've modeled various economies and keep adding more to crystallize our thinking. Our end goal is to push the industry towards better designs to help bring long lasting adoption.

Excellent webinar here: prof Edward Castronova x Machinations on The Design Pillar of Sustainable Game Economies Some highlights with ➡️ my notes below

Building games can involve complex economies & systems which is why @machinationsio exists! Use their online tool to design and simulate your game before writing any code. @gametoolstuesday @indiegame @indiedev @indiegamedev @gamedev @gamedevelopment

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Machinations was originally developed as an academic product by Joris Dormans during his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Together with Ernest Adams, he co-authored “Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design”. The book teaches you to craft mechanics that generate challenging, enjoyable, and well-balanced gameplay and we strongly recommend a copy.

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