Built for teams

Machinations changes the way teams perform and interact with game design

Design, prototype and handoff

We did not have a dedicated tool until now. Map the whole game into an interactive diagram, balance, and hand it off to production, all in one platform.


Reduce guesswork

Back up gut feeling with science and iron out any kinks

Design collaboratively

Share and edit real-time co-op like it's the 21st century

Leverage experience

Start with hundreds of ready-made deconstructions and prefabs

Predict player progression

Simulate emergence and balance player journeys through any game experience: single-player or PvP; free2play or premium.

Communicate your exact vision

Express any system or mechanic, no matter how abstract, visually. Keep everyone on the same page.

Over-the-air sync

Live sync parameters directly into your development environment with our game engine plugins and open API. This will save you countless hours of exporting, importing and validating CSVs, ping-ponging parameters between design and development.


Translate game design

Use a standardised language to describe systems and parameters

Data in/out

Feed parameters to game build, then playtest data back to the diagram

Spot flaws

Isolate and solve roadblocks in player journeys

Visual Spreadsheets

Every column is a Node, every function is a Connection, every row is a Step. There’s nothing wrong with sheets, but if every element on a diagram is linked to your game engine build, you won’t have to use them again.

machinations unity plugin side by side preview

Balance collaboratively

Design with your entire team and adjust diagrams in real-time co-op. Iterate on the same diagram directly from your development environment via over-the-air API sync.

Align your entire team

A clear, visual way of communicating game design that anyone on the team, or outside of it, can grasp. Smooth the communication between design, product management, analytics and development teams and keep the entire game design in one place, without it being scattered across GDDs, sheets, emails and beer talks.


Cross team language

Spread the game design language across all departments

Team management

Collaborative editing, team folder, tags & user management

Version history

Keep track of your team's progress and roll-back if you need to

f2p mobile battle-royale full meta economy machinations diagram in app purchase focus with chart

Predict game KPIs

Get a better understanding of player experience, game revenue and the impact of live updates, instantly. Simulate player journeys until you hit the desired outcomes.

machinations unity plugin demonstration

Streamline production

Save hours of work on iterations, creating spreadsheets of meta systems or waiting for data collection during soft-launch. Get sample data for UA in hours instead of weeks.

From design to events

Identify what events to track and predict outcomes before the game is live, using a language common with that of game design and development teams.


Analyse simulations

Export execution results via CSVs, to your BI tool

Randomness tamed

Simulate player emergence to spot trends and outliers

Forecast monetisation

Compute LTV from the ground up, based on player behaviour

f2p mobile battle-royale full meta economy machinations diagram in app purchase focus

Predict the impact of updates

Identify how changes ripple through the entire game economy and avoid breaking what works. Keep your Golden Cohort happy by testing against different player journeys.

f2p mobile battle-royale full meta economy machinations diagram IAP chart analysis

Forecast KPIs

Sample data in hours instead of the weeks it would take to collect sufficient data during soft-launch, adjust, make an update, and analyse results.

The language of the future

A standardised language that you can apply to any game system, in any team, anywhere in the World, for years to come. Machinations nurtures a promising set of skills upon which students can build a career.


Linkedin Certification

Expert or Alumni certifications for professors and students

Google Drive Export

Store all class assignment and exam in a Google Sheet

Live Editing

Teach remotely and enable student groups to collaborate real-time

generic idle game gameplay by hughes pedreno isart digital machinations diagram lesson

One tool to rule them all

Machinations was born within academia and it’s now a mature, peer-reviewed framework and platform. It helps structure the curricula and deliver class exercises, with an extensive documentation and alumni community.


machinations templates diagrams gallery

A network of peers

Join 100+ academic institutions using Machinations in class. We actively encourage further research for other applications and advancements of the framework.

Ready to start?

Some of the best game designers, developers and academia all over the World use Machinations in their day to day work

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