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The anxiety resulting from having too many choices. When players are presented with too many choices, they may become paralysed, fearing they will miss out if they make one choice over another.


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Overchoice in game design refers to a situation where players are presented with an overwhelming number of options, features, or decisions, leading to decision paralysis and potential frustration. It occurs when the abundance of choices exceeds a player's cognitive capacity to evaluate and make informed decisions, hindering their overall gaming experience.

An example of overchoice can be found in open-world role-playing games with extensive character customization options. While the ability to personalize one's character is a positive aspect, an overwhelming array of choices, including various attributes, skills, appearance options, and equipment, can leave players feeling bewildered and unsure of the optimal selections. The sheer volume of customization possibilities may lead to decision fatigue, detracting from the enjoyment of the game.

Consider a game where players have the freedom to customize their character's abilities, appearance, and playstyle. If the customization options are excessively intricate and lack clear guidance or meaningful consequences for choices, players may find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time navigating menus and tweaking details. This can result in decision paralysis, where the sheer volume of options becomes a barrier to the player's immersion and enjoyment.

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