Brightnode joins Machinations’ Certified Program

Brightnode joins Machinations’ Certified Program, Paving the Way in Shaping the Future of Tokenomics Design – Interview With Francesco Piras, Co-Founder of BrightNode.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for BrightNode, a leader in the Web3 industry for Tokenomics consulting. By leveraging Machinations for their projects, BrighNode gains a versatile and robust toolset to help drive their client’s success, innovation, and long-term viability in the web3 space.

We’ve discussed with Francesco Piras, CEO and co-founder of BrightNode, about their certification journey and the motivations behind becoming a Machinations Partner.

1. Hi Francesco, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been in the Information Technology industry for almost 23 years, working for several different companies, including Google.

I’ve been working in crypto for about ten years – I started with Bitcoin and the blockchain industry in 2014. I founded my first crypto company in Estonia in 2017, offering consulting services for ICOs. Later, in 2018, we incorporated BrightNode in Switzerland with Brunello, the other co-founder.

2. And how did you enter the Blockchain’s space?

I have been very passionate about technology since I was a kid.

In 2014, in pursuit of learning new technology during my professional career, I was looking at something that could potentially revolution-disrupting the IT space. And I remember that I came across an article in the New York Times written by Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape. That article was amazing because he explained very well what Bitcoin was and what it could be.

That was when the light turned on in my mind, and I immediately fell in love with Bitcoin and the Blockchain. I then started a very long journey studying this technology. Almost every day for months and years. And what began as a passion became a profession very quickly.

I left all my previous activities and started focusing on Bitcoin. The community was still tiny at that time, but it was a fantastic opportunity to learn the Blockchain.

I also created the first nonprofit association in Italy for Bitcoin and Blockchain. We did some notable events. A memorable one was when we invited Silvio Micali in 2018 to present his Algorand before its official launch.

3. Can you tell us about BrightNode?

BrightNode is a Swiss company that provides advice in the Web3 and blockchain space.

We’re a team of about 20 experts in tokenomics, working remotely from Europe, the USA, and Asia and serving clients in more than 25 different countries.  

With BrightNode, we offer four verticals. The first is related to our core business: Tokenomics Design. We prepare, design, audit, and analyze tokenomics, supporting our clients in defining the best and most sustainable token economy for their projects.

Our second vertical is Strategic Consulting, intended for companies exploring or migrating from Web2 to Web3. This vertical, coincidently, covers the preliminary discovery phase for many companies that need help understanding blockchain and the crypto space – That’s where we help our clients understand the market structure, opportunities, and challenges of entering this market.

Our third vertical focuses on Web3 Marketing Strategy and Execution, as we offer advice on the narrative, leveraging our expertise to create solid strategies for growing our clients’ communities and allowing them to introduce tokens or NFTs to the market successfully.

Recently, we’ve expanded our services to include technical software development for web3. We offer tailored solutions leveraging blockchain technology. This addition seamlessly integrates with our prior consulting phase, creating a holistic approach.

4. How do you differentiate BrighNode from the competition?

We have three key points that are setting us apart from the competition: the first one is the senior expertise of the founders. Together with Brunello, we have more than 30 years of experience in the IT and Financial industry. But most importantly, we know how to manage complex situations and deal with big companies and startups. In that sense, I see BrightNode acting with our clients as a senior consulting company for other corporations.

Our personal long track record also means reputation – as many companies are moving to enter the Web3 space, they need support from service providers, and our outstanding reputation and solid history also mean that at BrightNode, we can deliver a robust and long-term partnership. 

The other point is that we have a stellar team: all the consultants on our team have fantastic skills and experience. Finding this level of expertise in the market is not an easy task.

The third point is that we’re a Swiss company. We offer a Swiss-level quality of service, and our pricing is aggressive in that we are not as expensive as others while we strive to provide the highest quality.

5. How did you first know about Machinations?

One of our team members mentioned your platform probably one year ago, presenting Machinations as a design and simulation tool that a company like ours should use for its clients. And so, we started exploring your platform deeper and decided to learn how to use it for our clients.

Around the same time, I got in touch with your team and started a conversation about the opportunity to enter into a formal partnership with Machinations.

6. What made you think that Machinations is the perfect fit for your projects?

That’s the critical question! We started making dashboards using spreadsheets, which worked for a while, but spreadsheets have limits. And there are better solutions for GameFi projects.

And that’s when Machinations came into play. Machinations, as a no-code visual tool, helps when we have to discuss and present our assumptions, spending mechanisms, and token flows to clients in a much more comprehensive way.

And even there, sometimes clients don’t want to enter into much detail because models can be complex too, and they would need that kind of internal knowledge to understand a high level of detail fully.

On that point, the expertise of our team members is critical. With the help of Machinations, our goal is to enable our clients to conceptualize their projects more intuitively. And doing so, we can deliver material and dashboards that are easier for our clients to analyze and communicate while setting up parameters that allow them to rapidly prototype and experiment with their projects.

7. As of August 9th, BrightNode has officially become a Machinations Certified Partner; what were your motivations for entering this process?

Our main point for BrightNode is to be the best consulting provider in Tokenomics. With Machinations being a top-level tool not only for Game Designer but also for GameFi and token economy design, this partnership makes sense as we see your tool as an additional premium level of service we intend to offer our clients.