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Game Designer

We are looking for a Game Designer who can work with our clients to assess, model and simulate their game systems and economies. You will be setting up the correct design tests to ensure their game systems work and their economies are balanced.


  • Has a strong passion for playing games.
  • A creative thinker with problem solving skills.
  • Has experience using Machinations.
  • Has exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Has a strong sense of what makes a game system fun and compelling.
  • Has a strong understanding of design philosophies and best practices.
  • Has the ability to work creatively in a demanding team environment.
  • Has the ability to articulate the logic behind design choices.
  • Has a deep understanding of core loops, meta loops and supporting mechanisms.
  • Is informed with industry techniques, standards and workflows.
  • Has awareness of new games, technologies and industry news.
  • Has experience using data to inform choices and predict outcomes.
  • Has an understanding of tokenomics and blockchain game design.
  • Has strong knowledge of macro and behavioral economics.

You will:

  • Assess and model each game’s core loops, meta loops and supporting mechanisms.
  • Assess and model player personas, itemization, game monetization, game economy, progression systems, combat systems and stat systems.
  • Model game systems and economies using Machinations.
  • Run game economy simulations in Machinations to evaluate their performance and impact on player experience.
  • Set up the appropriate design tests to ensure business goals are met.
  • Ensure game and meta systems can be effectively monetized.
  • Simulate and analyze quantitative data to generate insights on player behavior.
  • Iterate and evolve your design based on player data.
  • Predict, test and tune game progression and economy balance throughout the game’s lifecycle.
  • Design sustainable monetization systems that are aligned with the game’s vision and ensure that they’re connected to the core gameplay.
  • Ensure that the game’s economy is healthy and geared towards increasing player retention and LTV.
  • Identify gameplay opportunities that have a positive impact on the game economy’s health.
  • Design player personas, understand their intrinsic motivational overlaps.
  • Choose and map the relevant extrinsic rewards to each persona.
  • Create and maintain clear and concise documentation.

Bonus Points:

  • Previous experience in a similar role, preferably within the games industry.
  • A game design portfolio to showcase your experience.