Everything you need to design games better


Design any gameplay system, using a Turing-complete language in an interactive diagram

Absolute Framework

  • Standardised visual language
  • 9 Nodes & 2 Connection types
  • Drag & drop, in-place editing
  • 5 Resource types
  • Use math.js functions

Interactive Executions

  • Watch Resource flows real-time
  • Step-by-Step Plays
  • Variable Play Steps
  • Variable Play speed

Libraries & Templates

  • Hundreds of template deconstructions
  • Dozens of prefab systems
  • Your private Library of systems
  • Community driven requests

Cloud Based

  • Version history
  • No-stress autosave
  • No downloads or installs (Chrome based)

Power Tools

  • Group expand/collapse subsystems
  • Layer organisation of elements
  • Pixel perfect grid & guides
  • Extensive formatting of Nodes
  • Shortcuts & hotkeys

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Live co-op editing
  • View-only share
  • Public URL sharing
  • Embed iFrame snippet


Run millions of stochastic simulations to predict player experience and reduce guesswork

Instant Forecast

  • Quick Play an entire player journey
  • Thousands of Steps for progression
  • Server side Plays to off-load desktop client

Multiple Plays

  • Stochastic simulation of player journeys
  • Monte Carlo random sampling
  • Batch Plays for performance vs accuracy
  • Server side Plays to off-load desktop client


  • Plot Resources on a live chart
  • Zoom in/out executions
  • Inspect real-time value
  • Navigate through multiple simulations
  • Customise chart type, color and Y axis

Built-in Randomness

  • Weighted & percentage distributions
  • Random triggers, flows & shuffles
  • Global random() variables (D, M, S, ST)

Instant Iterations

  • Edit parameters during execution
  • Isolate 5 Resource types
  • 4 Node Activation types


  • Mean
  • Median
  • Min
  • Max


Save countless hours of ping-ponging CSVs and feedback within your team

API Integrations

  • Connect to any game engine
  • Export diagram parameters
  • Import KPIs from 3rd party analytics
  • Import game art assets

Unity Plugin

  • Push parameters real-time, over-the-air
  • Sync with Unity IDE during production
  • Collect playtesting data real-time
  • Tweak skill parameters before launch

Google Drive

  • Export/Import diagrams to Google Sheets
  • Perform mass data manipulation
  • Handoff parameters to devs


  • Team diagram folder
  • Team user management
  • Team diagram tags
  • Did we mention Live Editing?

Export Simulations

  • Export chart executions via CSV
  • Handoff with analysts for further insights

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