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Patterns: Gacha types

Patterns: Gacha types

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A diagram showcasing the 5 most common types of gacha mechanisms in games:


  1. Complete gacha – players attempt to complete a full item or item set by getting all of the required components, which are earned through random chances
  2. Package gacha  – gives the player a set number of items available in a Pool, thus increasing the chances of better drops with each consecutive roll
  3. Step-up gacha – gives the player better chances at higher rarity items the more consecutive rolls they do in one sitting. Breaking the combo resets the chances to default
  4. Scratch gacha – gives players “tickets” that award certain rare items once a number of total rolls have been achieved. The roll number resets to 0 after the ticket has been given.
  5. Sugoroku gacha – gives the player the ability to gain rewards by moving on a board and reaching certain milestones. The player moves on the board whenever he rolls on the gacha and rewards on the board get better as he advances. Advancing on the board is usually done through dice rolls.


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