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Rocket League Attack vs Defense simulation

Rocket League Attack vs Defense simulation

Type: Deconstructions

The diagram covers the fundamental options of attackers and defenders during a Rocket League match.


  • Each iteration starts with the attacker choosing between a Dribble or a Shot.
  • The defender can respond to a Dribble by either Shadow Defense or Challenge.
  • While the defender is in Shadow Defense, the attacker will have to choose between continuing dribbling and shooting.
  • Once the defender engages in a Challenge, the attacker will either Lose Possession or keep the ball and continue with Dribble.
  • If the ball is lost, the iteration ends. If the attacker wins the ball after the challenge, the cycle repeats until either the ball is lost or a Shot is performed.
  • Once the attacker picks the Shot option, the defender is forced to try to block it, and the possible outcomes are Save and Miss.
  • If the outcome is Save, the Lose Possession result is the only one available for the attacker, and if the defender’s attempt is a Miss, the attacker’s Shot becomes a Goal.
  • Both outcomes end the cycle and trigger a new one.
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