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Rimworld – Raid points and colony wealth – Automated

Rimworld – Raid points and colony wealth – Automated

Type: Deconstructions

A Raid point calculator depending on several colony factors and how they influence raid strength in Rimworld.


Rimworld: Raid points and colony wealth

  • The purpose of the colony is survival
  • You start with 3 colonists and more can join from various events
  • As you play longer, you will start accumulating wealth through items and buildings
  • From time to time your colony will be raided by other factions. The strength of the raid is determined by multiple factors:
    • Your number of colonists
    • The storyteller’s difficulty
    • Your total item wealth (clothes, weapons, food etc)
    • Your total building wealth (any workstation, cooking stove, beds etc)
    • The number of total threats that you dealt with (only affects the first 5 raids)
    • Short-term and long-term ramp-ups: these grow with time. Every time a colonist dies the ramp-up values are decreased.
  • The raid can affect a colony by killing colonists or destroying valuables. As the raid strength becomes higher, so does the chance of losses
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