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Power Grid – Powering up factories – Interactive

Power Grid – Powering up factories – Interactive

Type: Deconstructions

A diagram about buying resources and powering up factories during your turn in order to generate income in Power Grid.


Power Grid board game:

  • At the start of execution, the player receives 2 factories that can be re-rolled
  • Factories require different resources to be powered and produce income according to the needed resources
  • Resources are in limited quantity and their price increases as their availability goes down
  • Each factory can be powered only once per turn and powering them wastes the resources, they need to be bought again next turn
  • Elektro is the currency used, it is used to buy resources and it is received for powered up factories
  • Ending the turn causes elektro to be added according to powered factories and some resources to be added to the pool
  • The diagram simulates one player’s turn excluding the bidding phase and the construction phase
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