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League of Legends Syndra itemization and scaling

League of Legends Syndra itemization and scaling

Type: Deconstructions

A complex interactive diagram simulating how items affect the damage dealt by a champion in League of Legends. In this example: Syndra.


Syndra abilities and item scaling:

  • Syndra has 3 basic skills (Dark sphere, Force of will, Scatter the Weak) and an ultimate ability (Unleashed Power)
  • Every skill has a mana cost, a cooldown and deals a certain amount of damage, scaling with ability power
  • Buying items can increase mana, ability power, or cooldown reduction, making spells deal more damage and enabling Syndra to cast them more often
  • Every time Syndra casts Dark Sphere, a sphere remains on the ground near her for 7 seconds
  • Her ultimate deals damage according to the number of spheres near Syndra. She always has 3 spheres floating around her
  • Damage dealt is calculated in bursts. If no damage is dealt for 5 seconds, the burst expires.
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