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Games: DOOM – Level Progression – Automated

Games: DOOM – Level Progression – Automated

Type: Deconstructions

An in-depth simulation of the progression of a level in the classic DOOM.


Doom Level Progression:
– The main goal of a DOOM level is to reach the end of the level. This does not require killing a certain number of monsters, the player only needs to find the final room and activate the switch
– Player has a Health bar and an Armor bar. If the Health bar reaches 0 it’s game over
– While progressing through a level, a player can encounter monsters, find certain items such as weapons, ammo, healthpacks, armors or even rare items, or find secret rooms or areas.
– Monsters can be avoided but generally it’s better to kill them as they can hurt the player. Killing monsters requires weapons and sufficient ammo.
– All weapons have a maximum capacity. That amount is doubled if they find a backpack.
– Players can also find Armors throughout the level, there are 2 kinds, green and blue. The green armor offers 100 armor and a 33% damage reduction while the blue armor offers 200 armor and a 50% damage reduction. Picking a new armor overrides its stats over the old one, that is why a player shouldn’t pick a green armor if he has a blue one equipped even if his armor total is below 100.
– There are also smaller health and armor boosts that only provide 2 of each. Picking an armor bonus when the player has no armor is treated as a green armor pickup regarding damage reduction.
– While the player progresses through the level certain doors will need keys to open. The player first needs to find those keys in order to progress.
– While exploring the player can also find secret rooms. These usually contain rare, powerful items
– Three stats are tracked at the end of a level as percentages: Monsters killed, items found and secrets found
– It is possible for the monsters killed stat to go over 100% since there are monsters that spawn other monsters (pain elemental).
– Not all items are tracked towards the item completion, only those that can be picked up under any circumstance.
– You can dynamically adjust the number of items, monsters and secrets, however the diagram is optimized for a 200-step level so other parameters should probably be adjusted as well.

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