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Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online

Type: Deconstructions

Deconstruction of an MMORPG simulating item and material acquisition, experience gain, item drops and stamina management.


Dungeon Fighter Online Daily Simulation:

  • The player enters dungeons in order to gain XP, farm materials, gold, and equipment
  • Each dungeon has 6 rooms and a boss fight at the end
  • When finishing the dungeon clearance XP and hunting XP are awarded
  • Items come in 7 different rarities. The common ones should always be sold for the best value
  • The player has 156 fatigue points that reset at the start of each day. Every room that the player enters while in a dungeon will cost 1 FP. When the player runs out of FP, he will be unable to enter dungeons for that day
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