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Cookie Clicker Deconstruction – Interactive

Cookie Clicker Deconstruction – Interactive

Type: Deconstructions

Deconstruction of an idle clicker game with building upgrading and perk purchasing. An interactive diagram allowing users to select the purchases they want.


Interactive Cookie Clicker Idle game:

  • You can produce cookies by clicking on the “Click” source located in the left-bottom
  • Once you have enough cookies you can build buildings that automatically produce cookies every second
  • Every next building of the same type is more expensive than the last one
  • Once you have enough buildings of one type you can upgrade them to double their production
  • More expensive buildings produce more cookies per second
  • Every second there is a very small chance that a golden cookie will appear. Clicking it grants one minute of double cookie production
  • For growing speed sake, a base production of 10 cookies per second is available from the start
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