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Arena of Valor Full Meta

Arena of Valor Full Meta

Type: Deconstructions

A full meta diagram depicting all currency and experience systems in the mobile game Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor Full Meta
– There are 3 types of currencies in Aov: gold, gems, and vouchers
– Gold can be obtained by playing games and completing missions, gems can be obtained by completing missions and during events and vouchers can only be bought with real money
– Each game gives the player gold and XP. XP is needed to level up one’s account. By leveling up, the player gains access to certain talents, enchantments, and arcana.
– Upon reaching level 5, the enchantments feature is unlocked, giving the player certain perks in-game. The player can choose one main enchantment and 2 secondary ones. The secondary enchantments must be different from the main one
– Upon reaching level 7 the arcana system is unlocked. An arcana page contains 10 of 3 different types of arcana which give the player certain stat increases in-game. They can be bought with gold and arcana fragments, but only arcana fragments should be spent on them
– New heroes can be purchased with gold or vouchers, but it is generally better to only spend gold on heroes
– Skins can be purchased only with vouchers so that makes them the best and most probable use of vouchers
– Gems can be used on XP or gold boosts which can be 4 game boosts or 10 game boosts that double the amount received.
– There’s also a codex available which acts as a battle pass, giving rewards to players when leveled up. There is a free version and an elite version that can be bought with vouchers. The elite version gives extra rewards along with the free ones and at some levels also gives skins.

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