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Arena of Valor arcana and hero purchases

Arena of Valor arcana and hero purchases

Type: Deconstructions

A diagram showing ways to obtain gold and then spend it on arcana pages or hero purchases in Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor Arcana and hero purchases:
1. Gold is obtained in several ways:
– Each match gives around 60 gold, but the weekly gold cap from matches is 5500
– Battle rewards are available every day. By playing 6 matches the player can earn 540 gold
– Friends can give up to 25 gold per day
– Active guild chests give up to 100 gold once per week
2. The player can use gold to purchase heroes, or arcanas to make heroes stronger.
3. Heroes each cost 18888 gold.
4. The strongest arcanas cost 2000 gold each. One arcana page holds up to 10 arcanas of each color.
5. One Step simulates one day where the maximum amount of gold is obtained. Buy arcanas or heroes in order to see how much time it would take to buy a full arcana page or a number of heroes.

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