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    What is Machinations?

    What is Machinations?


    Machinations is the browser-based tool to design and balance game systems.

    Game designers can work collaboratively on their game systems, simulate outcomes, balance parameters on the fly, and showcase their ideas to the team.

    All that, even before writing a single line of code.

    If you’re working on a game and/or are learning or teaching game design you can use Machinations to:

    • Game designers who want to reduce iteration time by up to 90%, reduce guesswork, spot flaws, predict gameplay outcomes, communicate to their team their exact vision, work collaboratively
    • Producers who want to save on production time, be always up to date with the latest version of game design, smooth communication between team members, predict KPIs accurately
    • Consultants who want to efficiently communicate their ideas to clients, drive their point across relying on science, create a clear portfolio, streamline their work, save time on ideation and handoff
    • Developers who want an easy way of “translating” game design to code
    • Analysts who want a tool for rapidly predicting KPIs and outcomes
    • Professors who want a dedicated framework for teaching game design and abstract thinking and a platform that supports working collaboratively
    • Students who want to develop a promising set of skills to build a career upon

    87% of our users say Machinations helped them drastically reduce guesswork.

    Using a Turing-complete visual language, provides you with the power of multiple simulations (Monte Carlo) at a click of a button, without you needing to write macros or code. This results in an easy way of identifying weaknesses in your game design.


    82% of our users attested to Machinations helping them save time.

    On average, our users said Machinations saved them 50% of the time it usually took them to perform their day-to-day work. For some of them, this goes up to even 90%.


    62% Machinations users said it helped them improve team communication.

    Machinations uses a game-centric framework & language. The diagrams themselves are dynamic, so you can visualize the flow of Resources you design. Anyone involved in a task has a clear vision of the end goal.


    Used by 2500+ game studios all over the world

    350+ universities & academic institutions use Machinations

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