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    Filter [Color Coding]

    Filter [Color Coding]


    The Color Filter applies to individual Elements and Structures, not globally, per diagram. It can be used to determine how Resources flow in your Machinations diagram.

    You can use it on:

    Sources to create Resources of a specific color (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red).

    Pools to initialize a specified amount of Black, Blue, Green, Orange, or Red Resources.

    Resource Connections to only move Resources matching the color set in the filter.

    State Connections to only execute their formulas based on the Resource color.

    You can define the Resource color of a selected Source in the Properties panel on the right.

    Black is the default color of Resources created at the Source. Resource Connections and State Connections can filter colored Resources.

    In the example below, we have set the Resource color to Orange. Every time a Resource is produced at the Source, it will be orange.

    You can specify the Resource color a selected Resource Connection will accept in its Properties panel on the right.

    Once enabled, the Resource Connection will only move Resources of the specified color.

    Choosing any other available color than the default (Black) will automatically tick the “Filter box” and enable filtering for that particular color.

    Please note that if you wish to filter for Black Resources, you must manually tick the Filter box.

    In the example below, we have two Sources that produce blue and green Resources. The Resource Connections automatically filter these into the respective Pools according to their filter color setting.

    You can adjust the initial amount and color of the Resources for a selected Pool in the Properties panel on the right.

    The color chosen from the drop-down menu will determine the initial Resource color. However, the pool will accept Resources of any color.

    Resources added to the Pool using a State Connection will be of the initial color selected from the drop-down (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, or Red).

    In the example below, the Pool will initially contain three green Resources.

    State Connections will respond to Resources based on their color similar to Resource Connections.

    Once the filter is enabled, the formula of a State Connection will only be executed if a Resource with matching color passes through a Gate or Pool.

    In the example below, the State Connection will only trigger the Waiting Source if the Pool to the left contains more than three orange Resources.


    Changing the stroke color in the Properties panel of a selected Source, Pool, Resource Connection, or State Connections is purely cosmetic and does NOT affect the Resource flow. However, using different color styles will help you distinguish different game elements and make your diagram look nicer.


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