How to integrate Machinations into your studio's workflow

I’m Matthew Morris, Evangelist at Machinations.

Time and time again, I’ve seen developers encounter issues when it comes to balancing: economy inflation, core loop deadlocks, content grind, the impact of introducing a new system during live ops.

I’ve made it my mission to eliminate these uncertainties.

I’ve been seeing Machinations Architects cut down their development time by quickly prototyping new game mechanics, rapidly testing their designs and identifying & fixing flaws way ahead of launch.

Book some time with me so we can discuss your use case for Machinations and give you a personalized guided tour of the platform.

Why book a meeting?

  • Understand how you currently approach game design

  • Understand what your challenges are

  • How Machinations can help with these challenges

  • The best way for your studio to introduce Machinations into your process

Presenting a feature becomes interesting. I was doing Machinations and Rene looked over my shoulder: " You should stop playing games." If it's a spreadsheet, nobody cares, but Machinations grabs everyone's attention.

Laurids Binderup

Game Design Lead

Machinations is a place for all the real-life data points to land and verify our assumptions and/or change the model.

Maja From Andersen

Data Analyst

This whole thing has the potential to disrupt the way games are designed and tested. Happy and honored to participate right at the front with you.

Martin Leissler

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

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